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defendant Collaborative Resources
Original Inventor exists to assist new inventors: to recognise and time-stamp-archive your proprietary designs (in our physical data vault), to defend your proprietary art against infringement, theft, competing claims - and we do this on the basis that legal fees are contingent upon winning. And later, if you wish, we can help you obtain a US patent. And if and when it becomes appropriate for you to leverage your invention into a product or a company: we can present you to people who will evaluate your invention, people who could partner with you or provide startup capital of financing. If at any time you wish to remove your design or invention from our vault and database you simply need to identify yourself and request that we delete your material from our archives. No cost or delay.
We are a non profit service organisation.
Why should you file your proprietary designs with us, for free, rather than apply for a
US patent?
1- Applying for a patent can be very expensive, involve years of delays and lots of red tape.
2 -Only a tiny fraction of all patents issued are ever produced or reach the market.

3 - When you are ready to apply for a patent on one of your designs, we can arrange this for you with good, low cost professionals.